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Sarra turki
A recent graduate in IR studies with a special interest in the socio-economic development in the African Continent.

Throwback: Coinsence as a Social-Economic Rewarding Model for the “Enfant Créateur” Initiative.

Throwback: Coinsence as a Social-Economic Rewarding Model for the “Enfant Créateur” Initiative.

Without a doubt, there exist innumerable communities that are creating and initiating projects with real added value to society. The question to be asked is: Are these valued contributions rewarded or not?

With this idea in mind, the Coinsence project provides a new and innovative platform for communities to create their own digital currency. This digital community currency will be used to transparently determine the created and distributed value. Consequently, it offers a new digital alternative to the current economic system.

This project was first launched in Tunisia in 2018. Ever since then, the platform has witnessed steady growth over time. Moreover, associations from Sousse, Hammamet, and Nabeul have been joining the platform to support and work on initiatives in order to achieve a social and sustainable impact.

In this article, we will be talking about a recent project: “Enfant Créateur” (Creative Child); a dedicated initiative in favor of SOS kids in Akouda.

As you may know, the Tunisian government and some of the local organizations can only offer temporary solutions when it comes to orphan children in Tunisia. In fact, SOS children face many challenges in regards to inclusion and integration in the Tunisian society and there were no sustainable and quality programs conducted to tackle this issue. This, indeed, puts them at increased risks and vulnerabilities including sexual and economic exploitation, trafficking, organized crimes and more.

In light of this situation, a collaborative project was launched via the Coinsence Platform to elevate the status-quo of these kids and assist them in their integration and inclusion process.


⇒ Simply by:

  • Mobilizing associative, entrepreneurial and citizenry initiatives to create actions in centers for homeless and orphan children and the SOSs.
  • Engaging enterprises to create a social rewarding system.

In this trajectory, Coinsence served as the infrastructure to act in favor of orphan children and to reward the contributors. The objective was to enable a new way of doing business. In this case, individuals will be rewarded for their engagement and commitment in carrying out their tasks and to ensure the success of the project. While this remuneration will not be with our established currency Dinars, they will be rewarded with the Coinesence Community Currency– Coins. Such a community currency is not a standard and typical means of payment, but rather a pure means that represents the exchange of non-monetary resources.

The outcome of this project was quite satisfying. The SOS Akouda kids were able to gain new skills and to build perspectives on their educational and professional paths. At the same time, organizations and partners were excited and thrilled to use the platform to reward their members and volunteers for their contributions to make this project happen.

In this respect, it will be great to see more Tunisian NGOs, Grassroots associations and change-makers taking action by adding their projects or their ongoing initiatives to the platform and support this new alternative economic model that could bring positive impact to the Tunisian society.

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Special thanks for Coinsence community-engaged partners who took part in the ‘Enfant Créateur” Project and made it happen; SOS Akouda, AIESEC Hadrumet, JCI Sousse, JCI H.S, Tomorrow’s generation, Sawty Sousse, L’association des Amis de la créativité, Hive12, Makerlab, Elfabspace.